Santoro's Bakery

Roslindale Square

Santoro's Bakery was a popular family business owned by Vincenzo and Augustina Santoro. They were known for their square Sicilian pizza, fresh baked scali bread and pastries for 27 Years....

The Bakery has been closed for over 20 years now but the memories of getting a
slice after seeing a film at the Realto Theater keeps the legacy alive!


Tina Santoro Asmar, the fourth daughter of Vincenzo and Augustina wanted to take a stroll in her parents foot steps.


 Santoro's is back and better than ever!


Tina has put her own spectacular flare into bringing Santoro's Bakery back to life....


Come in and get a dose of Tina's hysterical antics and while your at it check out the menu where you can meet the family....We are Delicious!

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Before placing your order, please inform your server if anyone in your party has a food allergy!