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All of our desserts are baked on the premises and are available individually or in platters.



Small $2.50

Large $3.50
Tubes of crispy dough filled to order with almond scented, sweetened ricotta cheese.

Whoopie Pies $4.00

These desserts were invented right here in New England.  Not a cookie and not a cake, but somewhere in between. Two chocolaty pillows stuffed with creme made from Fluff. 

Doodles $4.00

A Santoro's original!  A large chocolate cupcake, filled with either Fluff or peanut butter creme, dipped in chocolate ganache.

Biscotti $2.50

Made from an old family recipe, these cookies come in a variety of flavors including: almond, anise, or stuffed with chocolate and fruit. 

Lemon Cookies $2.50

Made from an old family recipe, these soft buttery lemon cookies are drizzled with a tart lemon icing. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies $2.50

Giant discs of buttery cookies studded with semi sweet chocolate chips. 

Peanut Butter Fluff Cake

$54.99 (Special Order)

Our famous cake has layers of vanilla cake, Peanut butter frosting and Marshmallow Fluff frosting all covered in Marshmallow fluff.   


Whoopie Pies


Lemon Cookies

Peanut Butter Fluff Cake
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