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Design your own platter!


Deli Platters

Choose from our extensive selection of Boar's Head Deli Meats and Cheeses, roasted red peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, or Kalamata olives.  Your choices are arranged on a large platter for your guests to enjoy. Price based on weight of meats and cheeses. 

Sandwich Platters

Six of our delicious sandwiches arranged on         a platter. $80.00

The Italian - includes our famous Agostina, Tina, Sloan, Carmelina and Diana sandwiches

The Americano - comes with our tasty Grayson, Paul, Devin and Rita sandwiches

Zio's Favorites - consists of our flavorful Denae, Nonna Maria, Bianca and Finn sandwiches

Or you can choose any of our cold sandwiches from our sandwich menu and we will create a beautiful platter, a hit at any party. 

Call us today to help plan your party!


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