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All of our desserts are baked on the premises and are available individually or in platters.


Italian Dessert Platter

A beautiful dessert tray baked fresh for your party. Includes our home-made Whoopie Pies, Doodles, Lemon Cookies, Almond Biscotti, Anisette Biscotti and of course Cannoli.

Serves 20 ~ $80.00


Create a beautiful dessert tray from an assortment of our homemade cookies and biscotti. 

Priced per cookie $2.50 each

Whoopie Pies 

What's better than a Whoopie Pie?

A whole tray of Whoopie Pies! Two chocolaty pillows of cake stuffed with creme made from Fluff.

Priced per piece

Regular Whoopies $4.00

Seasonal Whoopies $4.00


A tray of freshly made cannoli filled to order with almond, sweetened ricotta cheese.

Priced per piece.

Small $2.50

Large $3.50


A Santoro's original!  Large chocolate cupcakes, filled with either Fluff or peanut butter frosting, dipped in chocolate ganache.

Each $4.00

Peanut Butter Fluff Cake

Our famous cake has layers of vanilla cake, Peanut butter frosting and Marshmallow Fluff frosting covered in Marshmallow fluff.  Cake (serves 8-10) $54.99

Ricotta Pie 

Sweetened pie dough filled with lemon scented sweetened Ricotta cream.

Regular (serves 6-8) $23.99


A little "pick me up".  A dessert made of ladyfingers (Savoiardi) dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of cream, sugar, and mascarpone cheese, topped with cocoa and grated chocolate. 

Regular (serves 8-10) $26.99

Large (serves 15-20) $53.99


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